Schoolboy Q Talks "Real Dark" Rap and Why Music Awards Mean Nothing

Photo by Renata Raksha
Schoolboy Q, rocking the bucket hat like a boss.

The bucket hat. It's been worn with such pomp by many of history's greatest and most influential men. There was Bob Denver on Gilligan's Island and Bill Murray in Caddyshack. But there is one actor who rapper Schoolboy Q insists wore it the best.

"Homeboy from I Know What You Did Last Summer," he says. "Just because he was killin' niggas, and it never came off."

And this man knows his hats. His headgear has become as synonymous with his image as a can (AKA bowler hat) was to Nate Dogg. Now, a year removed from his latest album, Oxymoron, which was nominated for a slew of Grammys, Q spoke with New Times about award shows, album covers, and his Black Hippy crew as he preps to perform at the first-ever Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami.

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Jukely, Unlimited Concerts App, Launches in Miami: "We're Making Music Social Again"

Courtesy of Sound Nightclub and Jukely
Pay just $25 a month and Jukely will get you into live shows every night.

What's the last time you spent money to go see a band you've never heard of before? Never, right? Well, you're not alone.

Today, the money in the music industry's in concerts and touring. Still, most people won't spend their hard earned cash on a ticket unless they're big fans of the headliner.

Instead of getting acquainted with an act at a venue, we'd rather familiarize ourselves with an artist's work on Spotify, Soundcloud, or iTunes, before committing to a $35 ticket.

Jukley is a new app that lets you attend an unlimited number of live shows, for a flat $25 monthly fee. And it just launched in Miami.

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Tiga on "Bugatti," Shitty Books, and Being Beautifully Weird

Photo by Femme de $arkozy
This is Tiga. He's reading Infinite Jest. His crime is having a personality.

When you think about the perks of being a DJ, what comes to mind is all the time you'd have to read books, right?

Maybe that's weird to you. But it isn't to Tiga. Then again, he's always been a little different. The celebrated Canadian producer has always defied dance music's fads while still finding success. And he owes much of his prosperity to just being himself.

Being Tiga most recently led him to write the runaway hit "Bugatti," a track so beloved on the dance scene that it inspired a rap cut from Pusha T and nine more remixes.

We at New Times caught up with the DJ-producer to learn why "Bugatti" has become one of his most treasured successes. And to hear what he's reading, of course.

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RL Grime Tests the Limits With Void: "There's a Lack of People Trying to Make Timeless Music"

Categories: Interviews

Photo by Andi Elloway

Dance music's obsession with trap beats is far from over, but just as in any relationship, you've got to spice things up. L.A.-based trap star RL Grime has been in the game for almost four years, and as much as he loves 808s and grimy drops, he needed something more.

Enter the Void, RL Grime's official debut album. It's a 12-track journey exploring 50 shades of darkness, each track it's own mix of rhythms and mechanical, cinematic landscapes. With features from Boys Noize, Big Sean, Djemba Djemba, and How To Dress Well, it's the most ambitious project of the producer's career to date.

He's toured the new project all over the country, and he's winding down with a visually-stunning performance at the Fillmore Miami Beach Friday, February 27, and we were lucky to get him on the phone in advance.

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‪Friends Still Searching for Lisa "Noodles" Hayden-Gordon a Month After She Disappeared

Categories: Music News

Noodles is still missing. If you see her, contact the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

Update: At 1 p.m. on February 27, 2015, it's been confirmed Lisa's car was found at Cooley's Landing Marina. We'll keep you updated as new information comes in.

By Andrea Richard

When Fort Lauderdale musician and piano teacher, Lisa "Noodles" Hayden-Gordon, was reported missing, her family, friends, and the South Florida music community quickly responded by launching an extensive search. They posted tirelessly on social media, created, and distributed flyers around downtown Fort Lauderdale asking for any new information on her whereabouts. She was last seen around 1 a.m. on Saturday, January 24, 2015.

Teajay Smith, photographer and longtime friend, was hanging out with Noodles the night before she disappeared. "She came over to comfort me about some anxiety I was having. We talked for about three and half hours and may have talked about every love we'd ever had," she recalls, also saying that Noodles didn't appear to be distressed at the time and was saving her money for a summer road trip.

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Curren$y Talks Low Riders, Weed Rap, and His Upcoming Pilot Talk 3

Photo by Reid Rolls
Shopping for rims with Curren$y, AKA Spitta Andretti.

Curren$y's cool just can't be matched. Even if he tutored you himself.

It's effortless, as his raps about weed, cars, and women, with the occasional off-cadence flow.

Still, many fans (who he has been able to amass since the inception of Lil Wayne's Young Money Records, when the internet mixtape craze was still on an upward trend) attempt the stunt as they flock by the dozens to his shows, city by city, state to state.

Spitta chopped it up with us before tomorrow's Rolling Loud Music Festival at Soho Studios. We talked low riders, weed rap, and his upcoming Pilot Talk 3 album.

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Miami's Ten Under $10 Weekend Party Guide

Photo by George Martinez/
Spread that cheap weekend party love.

Ten bucks and a dream.

That's all you really need for a little fun in the Magic City. And to ensure that you have the greatest (cheap!) weekend ever, your party pros here at Crossfade are hooking you up with the best ragers Mr. Hamilton can buy.

Just check out this weekend's ten under $10 party guide, from Palo! at Ball & Chain to the Electric Pickle's six-year anniversary weekend bender to PillowTalk at Lot 14.

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Hard Events Announces GoHard Festival Tour: Miami, Seattle, New Orleans, Dallas, Toronto

Categories: Music Festivals

Courtesy of Hard Events

Hard forever.

The Los Angeles dance music promoter already puts on Hard Summer, Hard Day of the Dead, Hard Haunted Mansion, Hard Red Rocks, Hard Miami, Hard NYC, Hard SF, Hard Arena Autralia, and even an annual rager at sea called Holy Ship!

But it seems all that Hard-ness just isn't hard enough. Because founder Gary Richards -- the DJ and producer also known as Destructo -- has just announced the new GoHard Festival Tour.

There will be stops in five cities. And Miami gets Hard in May. Just check the cut for full GoHard Festival Tour dates and DJ lineups.

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Steam Miami's WMC 2015 Party Lineup


It may be Steam Miami's first Winter Music Conference, but the downtown club builds steadily upon old Vagabond tradition. The new leaders are veterans of the scene, and already, the week is slammed with showcases and old favorites.

From Sunday, March 22, through Friday, March 27, it's going to be Steam's two venues engorged with 50-plus DJs and hundreds of tweaking beat addicts. Prepare your body for 50 shades of house and bass so deep you might drown. Keep your head above water and check the schedule.

The 2015 program features lineups on both the outside patio of LOT 14 and indoor shenanigans by the classic bar. As the week grows, so do the events, turning into a stream of indoor/outdoor double-stage behemoths. Back, too, is the annual STACKED event, standing as the only 18 and over event of the week.

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Amos Larkins II on His Miami Bass Sound: "All a Mistake" Caused by "Cocaine and a Stripper"

Amos Larkins says, "I made the mistake of leaving the 808 bass hum too long."

If it weren't for cocaine, strippers, weed, and liquor, Amos Larkins II may have never started making Miami bass records. Long since clean, sober, and completely drug and alcohol free, this is a story going back 25 years. He is now healthy, vegetarian, and practicing yoga and meditation daily.

Larkins is widely considered the genre's progenitor for his work on MC ADE's "Bass Rock Express" on 4 Sight Records.

Larkins discovered the people's lust for the heavy drop in the Flea Market USA parking lot. A mistake in the mastering process of a local rap record ended up bumping trunks when it landed on a mixtape, and thus his Miami bass sound was born.

Here's Amos telling the whole story for the first time ever in his own words

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