U.S. and Cuba Normalize Relations: "We're Going to See a Renaissance of Cuban Music"

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Courtesy of Crazy Hood Film Academy
Two flags, flying side by side, from Coming Home, a documentary by Miami's Crazy Hood.

"Isolation has not worked," President Barack Obama said today, in his address on U.S.-Cuba policy. "It's time for a new approach."

At the same time, Cuba's Raul Castro, speaking to his own country from the capital city of Havana, delivered the news of the two nations' plans to normalize relations.

These announcements came in the wake of Cuba's release of American Alan Gross and a Cuban U.S. spy, in exchange for the three remaining members of the "Cuban Five" spy ring jailed in Florida.

Under the Obama's "new approach," the U.S. will reopen its embassy in Havana. Travel restrictions for Americans will be eased. (Though, tourist travel still isn't allowed.) And the ban on importing Cuban cigars and certain other goods will be lifted.

Diplomacy, travel, and trade between the U.S. and Cuba will impact the lives of millions. Average citizens. Business people. And yes, musicians too.

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Niko Javan's #Yoppin Wednesdays Party:
A Video and Photo Recap

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Photo by Rob Portal
Niko Javan, the boss of #Yoppin.

"It's kind of like Jim Morrison if he had a laptop," says Niko Javan.

The Miami music producer and member of rap duo O'Grime is talking about #Yoppin Wednesdays, a new party that he launched at South Beach spot Haven last week.

Named after his "Yop = Your own path" saying, Javan's third day of the week is a synesthetic wonderland. Club music. Ambient soundscapes. Trippy visuals. And friendly strangers. All blurred together.

We went. It was bonkers. And tonight, it's going down again.

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Carlos Santana, Amigos Invisibles Headlining World Golf Championships 2015 in Miami

Apparently, Carlos Santana is a fan of the 9 iron too. Not just the six string.

Who knew that Latin rock guitar gods liked to unwind with some putt-putt?

We would've guessed Carlos Santana preferred the relaxing effects of marijuana, transcendental meditation, and a marathon jam sesh. Rather than, say, six hours in the sun, 18 holes, and a frosty Arnold Palmer.

However, the psychedelic axe slinger has indeed been tapped as the headliner for Cadillac Miami Nights Live, a concert series going down during the World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship 2015 at the Trump National Doral Miami.

He will be joined by special guests Los Amigos Invisibles, two still-secret co-stars, and loads of country club hippies.

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Mr. Entertainment Talks Book of Guinnesses and "Punk Rock 'Diarrhea'"

Photo by PrimitiveJim.com
Mr. Entertainment (born Steven Toth) and his Pookiesmacking punk pals.

If you like songs about cocaine, marijuana, liquor stores, tropical diseases, and booty shaking, then Last Testament: Book of Guinnesses by Mr. Entertainment and the Pookiesmackers is the rock album for you.

Making fun of life and politics since 1999, these South Florida miscreants are louder than ever, with a full-length 12-inch vinyl record coming out in 2015 on their own label.

They're also playing this Friday at Churchill's Pub, paying tribute to the life of the late Dan Hosker and raising money for spinal injury survivor Priya Ray from Kreamy 'Lectric Santa.

Here's what Mr. Entertainment had to say about independent records, stoner creations, and diarrhea.

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Miami's Six Best Club Parties This Week

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Phot by Monica McGivern
Do the Hump Day dance!

When you live in Miami, it's hard to fight the urge to party. Especially when that urge hits you on a Wednesday.

But since you live in the 305, the Hump Day party slump is never an issue. Whether on a Sunday night or random Tuesday, there's also some sort of rager going on.

Just check out the six best club bashes going down this week, from Matador at Trade to Arty at Story to Nick Cannon at Mansion.

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Pitbull's New Year's Revolution 2015 on Fox: Free Tickets for Filming on Miami Beach

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Say "Daleee!" with Pit this Año Nuevo.

"Taking the party from the Big Apple to the Pineapple."

Once known as Mr. 305, Pitbull has since become Mr. Worldwide. He's brought "Calle Ocho" to all of Planet Earth. And he's taught Cubonics to children on every continent.

So, pero, it's only natural that Armando Christian Pérez would celebrate the coming Año Nuevowith a television special entitled Pitbull's New Year's Revolution 2015, set to be broadcast by Fox to millions of viewers a través del mundo.

And all live from the 305.

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"How to Twerk" Makes Miami's Most Googled Searches of 2014

Photos by Chris Carter/ra-haus.com
Is this "twerk"? Apparently, the 305 doesn't know.

C'mon, Miami...

Of all the places in America that should possess an encyclopedic understanding of what it means to "dance in a sexually provocative manner while in a squat, thrusting the hips and popping that booty," we'd expect the 305 to be numero uno con ese culo.

And yet it seems that we were just as befuddled by the twerk fad of 2014 as the rest of them skinny-bum chumps across this clueless, Caucasian-majority country.

The proof: We asked Google "how to twerk," like, a billion times.

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Win Free Tickets for Arty at Story Miami

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Stay "Up All Night" with Arty.

Party till sunrise on South Beach... That's just standard.

The megaclubs are open till 5 a.m., the VIPs are total pros blessed with superhuman dance-floor stamina, and the DJs will never "keep you up, up, just to bring you down."

Of course, an "Up All Night"-er is rarely free. Unless you've got pals like Russian electronic music producer Arty, Story Miami, and Crossfade.

Just check the cut to win free tix.

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Joy Division's Peter Hook Playing Unknown Pleasures and Closer at Grand Central Miami

Photo by Mark McNulty
Joy Division and New Order founding member Peter Hook.

In the spring of 1980, Joy Division's Ian Curtis hung himself. His tombstone reads "Love Will Tear Us Apart."

However, in the wake of Curtis' suicide, his bandmates Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner, and Stephen Morris decided to stay together. They'd made a pact, though, to abandon the Joy Division moniker if any founding member left the fold. So they needed another name. And they chose New Order.

This second incarnation of the band pioneered dance punk. They became MTV superstars. They're revered as immortal New Wave icons. And today, they're still touring -- just without Peter Hook.

He's instead returned to performing Joy Division. And the occasional opening set of New Order songs.

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Miami's Best Albums, EPs, and Singles of 2014

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Photo by Marco Torres
Miami, where the streets rumble with dirty house, street rap, metal, indie, punk rock, and EDM.

Welcome to the 305. The city that vibes. And shakes ass. And shreds.

Too often, jetsetters and Midwestern tourists land on the sandy white shores of South Beach seeking only uhntz-uhntz and a trip to the VIP. And sure, we love that stuff too.

But the locals know Miami is also about that dirty house music, raw street rap, sludge metal, indie tuneage, punk rock, and tripped-out EDM. We pop booties one night. And we headbang the next. That's the real Dade County.

Here are Miami's ten best albums, EPs, and singles of 2014.

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