Cris Cab Talks Debut Album, Where I Belong


Most 21 year olds don't spend their days traveling around the world, performing their songs for crowds of adoring fans while collaborating with some of the biggest names in the music industry. 

But Cris Cab is not most 21 year olds.

Thanks to a combination of hard work, determination, talent, and luck, Cab linked up with multitalented singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, musician, and fashion designer Pharrell Williams. 

The Grammy winner took Cab under his wing and exposed him to a world of superstars before young Cris was even out of high school.

Now this 21 year old is getting ready to release his debut album, Where I Belong. So we here at Crossfade caught up with him to get the story behind this first full-length record.

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Uchi's Cyborgs Party at Electric Pickle: "Bring Your Own Laser Beams"

Photo by Carlos Moñino
Cyborgs can be sexy too.

Dress-up is officially cool again. So is being a sci-fi geek.

In our opinion, that stuff never went out of style. But even if you're not a nerd for robots, the latest nightlife endeavor from sexy, dark DJ Uchi will get you bleepin' and bloopin' like a vintage automaton on the fritz.

It's called Cyborgs. And it's good, old-fashioned fun meets space-age house and techno.

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De La Tierra's Alex González Talks Metal, Hardcore Punk, and Stupid Critics


Some of the most rabid revelry in metal fandom can be found in Latin America, where the devil horns fly hard by the hundreds of thousands.

Mosh pits the size of soccer stadiums are the norm, and music about fighting oppressive and corrupt regimes hurtle the masses into cathartic euphoria.

Metal supergroup De La Tierra hails from Guadalajara, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Sao Paolo, with members from the world-famous Maná, Sepultura, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, and A.N.I.M.A.L. Here's what founding drummer Alex Gonzalez had to say about hardcore punk, Suicidal Tendencies, and stupid critics.

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35 Years of Churchill's Fest: "A Celebration of the Old, the New, and the Future"

Photo by Monica McGivern
Here's to another 35 at Churchill's Pub.

The year was 1979. The Clash kicked off its first American tour, AC/DC released Highway to Hell, and Churchill's Pub opened its doors for the first time.

While the Clash called it quits and the AC/DC dudes have long passed their glory days, Little Haiti's live music gem, in spite of recent changes in ownership, is still thriving.

"The only thing that's really changed is we're more structured," insists Nayra Serrano, Churchill's current booking manager and the woman behind Idle Hands Productions.

"It's cleaner now, but that feeling of that diamond-in-the-rough place, that welcoming vibe, it's still there."

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Win Free Passes for III Points Festival

Courtesy of III Points
A III Points polygon sighting in the streets of Miami.

Behold the triangle.

A potent (and sometimes mystical) symbol, this simple geometrical shape is often used to represent such eternal trinities as past, present, future. (Or, say, music, art, technology.) And occultists even scratch it into the earth to summon spirits.

But if you've recently spotted an equilateral, three-sided polygon painted on a Miami sidewalk ... Then you might have scored tix for Wynwood's second annual III Points Festival.

Now, though, there's an easier way to win free passes than a Dade-County triangle chase. Just check the cut to enter III Points and Crossfade's contest.

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Amos Larkins II on Learning the Music Biz by Breaking Into TK Records' Studio

Photo by Anthony Larkins
Amos Larkins II playing bass in the Sunnyview Records studio.

"Bass Rock Express" was the first international Miami bass hit, and it opened the floodgates for the rush of quad-heavy records that followed.

The song was produced, engineered, arranged, and vocalized by Amos Larkins II for MC ADE, and executive produced by William "Billy" Hines on 4-Sight Records in 1985. Amos produced it under the pseudonym Leon Green to mask his identity from radio program directors who saw his credits on too many slabs to put on the air. By then, he was already an established regional hitmaker.

But his start in the record business came between stacks of Blowfly's nudie magazines at the TK Records Hialeah compound. Here's what Larkins himself has to say about his earliest days in the industry.

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Blurr Weekly Brings Rock and Cheap Drinks to Wynwood's Brick House: "There's Been a Void"

Courtesy of Brick House

Burn down the disco, hang the blessed DJ.

For too long, all of those classic indie, Brit pop, post-punk tunes, from the Smiths to the Kinks to the Strokes, has been conspicuously absent from the downtown Miami soundtrack.

"Not a lot of bars are playing this stuff that we all used to dance to. There's kind of been a void, especially with the Vagabond gone," says Super Market Creative head Michelle Leshem. "We thought this is definitely something that can fill that void."

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Lil Debbie's Crew Attacks, Punches Otto Von Schirach at Downtown Miami's The Nest

Categories: Local Music, News

Photo by Monica McGivern
Lil Debbie at the Nest, just before her crew's confrontation with Otto Von Schirach.

Beefs ain't what they used to be, and the world of hip-hop is honestly better for it.

But over the weekend, one California rapper was happy to have a war of words over social media -- and let some fists fly -- with one of Miami's local legends.

At the Nest, Lil Debbie and her entourage put a beatdown on hometown music man Otto Von Schirach when the latter jumped on the stage during her recent performance. What's less clear is why the fight went down.

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Miami's Ten Best Labor Day 2014 Parties

Categories: Guides, Nightlife

Photo by George Martinez/

Get the champagne poppin' and your booty rockin' ... Labor Day weekend is just a few short days ahead.

While the holiday may mark the unofficial end of summer, for us here in Miami, where the temperature is always soaring above 90, the three-day weekend is just another excuse to drink, dance, and party till daybreak.

Just check out the 305's ten best Labor Day weekend 2014 bashes.

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Miami's Anjuli Stars on VH1's The Linda Perry Project: "Nothing Was Fabricated"

Categories: Local Music, Q&A

Photo by Neil Dyer

Anjuli Stars has a voice that could make the devil change his ways, the sun shine brighter rays, and the ocean calm its waves.

She's a rapper, a singer, and a business woman reppin' West Kendall to the fullest who has taken the sounds of The Hammocks to the world on tracks with Pitbull, Scott Storch, and now Linda Perry.

Perry, the songwriter behind Christina Aguilera's hit "Beautiful," picked up Anjuli for a VH1 show, The Linda Perry Project, seeking to sign the next great artist for her Custard Records label. Here's what Ms. Stars had to say about TV drama, freestyle rapping, and aggressive criticism.

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