4/20: How to Celebrate Like a Famous Rapper

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Smoke the sweet leaf like Danny Brown.

4/20 is more than just a holiday. It's a lifestyle, man.

And there's nothing like getting high and throwing on some classic rap records. 'Cause rapping and weed go together like, well, rapping and weed. That's not to say that all rappers smoke the sticky green flower, but those that do love to boast about it in song.

For most of us, unfortunately, life is not a rap track. But if there's one day when everyone deserves to celebrate like a famous rapper, it's 4/20.

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Coachella 2014: Ten Signs You're Too Old for This Shit

Thumbnail image for old-man-coachella
Chris Victorio/OC Weekly
You tell 'em, Grandpa!

Age, of course, is a state of mind. But it's easy to feel like you've aged 30 years after three busy days at Coachella.

Whether you've gone to the festival since the first year in 1999 or just started going a few years ago, the festival can feel a bit, well, different than when you were in your teens and 20s.

If so, you might want to check and see if you just might be getting too old for this shit.

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Miami's Space Tapes Record Label Launches: "We Want Different, Cool, Creative"


Miami's newest record label, Space Tapes, is set to launch.

Founded by three of the creative minds -- David Sinopoli, Jason Odio, and N.E.R.D.'s Shay Haley -- behind many of the Miami music scene's most interesting recent goings-on, Space Tapes seeks to help build a better infrastructure for the 305's emerging artists.

"It's crazy how much talent is coming out of Miami right now," Odio notes. "There's really no platform in the city that embraces that talent."

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Miami's Ten Best Things to Do Under $10 This Weekend

Via Facebook.com/sunbears
Party with the Sunbears at Sweatstock on Record Store Day.

Congratulations, you made it through all the deadlines, meetings, and endless phone calls of the week!

As a reward for being such a dedicated worker, you deserve to spend the two days jamming to some sweet tunes, buying vinyl, and getting blasted. The best part of it all, you won't need more that 10 bucks.

Here are the ten best things to do under $10 in Miami this weekend.

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Leslie Grace on Fame: "A Real Diva Doesn't Have to Compensate for Who They Are"

Photo by Fadil Berisha
Do la rumba with Leslie Grace at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

At a time when most 19-year-old pop stars are wagging their tongues and twerking on anything that moves, being arrested for DUIs, or getting caught in a sex tape scandal, bachata sensation Leslie Grace is focused on writing music, topping the charts, and hanging with music legends at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

"I think it's huge," the singer enthuses. "I feel completely honored to be a part of the conference and awards show, and to be nominated twice so early into my career. I feel so blessed and see a lot of doors opening in the future, God willing."

Grace is a finalist for New Artist of the Year, and she's also up against industry vets Christina Aguilera, Thalia, and the late Jenni Rivera in the Hot Latin Songs Artist of the Year, Female category at this year's awards.

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Miami's 4/20 Party Guide

Categories: Guides, Nightlife

Say hello to Puff the Magic Dragon.

Roll a blunt, light it up, take a puff, and pass it down. It's 4/20, man.

And in honor of the national weed holiday, we here at Crossfade have provided you with the best places to go and smoke a fat one, jam with THC-drenched party people, and laugh at your own two hands.

Just check out Miami's six best 4/20 parties.

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The Sounds - Grand Central, Miami

Photo by Javier Ghoghos

The Sounds
With Blondfire and Ghost Beach
Grand Central
Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bringing the spirit of rock 'n' roll to the stage is easier said than done.

For a band like Sweden's The Sounds, however, it's an art that seems to come naturally, as they circle the globe, making dance floors tremble from continent to continent.

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Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band Talks Blood, Whiskey, Motor Oil, and Fishin'


Reverend Peyton is a fishin', huntin', hootin', hollerin' hillbilly from the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

He can cut a tree down faster than a forest fire. He can build a cabin in his sleep. He's got more beard than a black bear.

His overalls stay covered in other people's blood, his own homemade whiskey, and an 18-wheeler's worth of motor oil. But what Rev. Peyton does best is rock the jam box. On the guitar, he's a force of nature. And every strum of the axe is a tornado at a razor blade factory.

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James Murphy Returns to Bardot Miami: "He and DFA Demand a Different Type of Crowd"

Photo by Ian Witlen
James Murphy, in the middle of a couch sesh at Bardot Miami.

Oh, James Murphy. The former LCD Soundsystem frontman, DFA Records founder, entrepreneur, and generally amazing human will soon be gracing our city once again.

He'll return to Bardot Miami (where last year's Red Bull Music Academy Couch Session was held during the inaugural III Points Festival) to spin some wax and rock our souls.

Now, anyone who is remotely familiar with Murphy's all-around genius will understand that such an intimate night is not to be missed. We personally are shaking with excitement at the thought of bumpin' our booties to his sweet, sweet grooves. And no doubt, so are the Bardot folks.

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Space Miami's 14th Anniversary Lineup: Erick Morillo, Louis Puig, Jesse Perez, Seven Others

Categories: News, Nightlife


In this city of sun, sand, and fast money, the average life expectancy of most megaclubs is, like, a year, two months, and 56 seconds.

So Space Miami reaching its 14th anniversary is about as close to nightlife immortality as it gets in the 305. And quite appropriately, the legendary downtown club and afterhours spot is planning to throw an epic almost-decade-and-a-half bash.

"Yes," the Space folks just tweeted, "the big news you have been waiting for! We are proud to announce ..."

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