Ultra on Defeating Miami Ban: "We Are Pleased... We Are Optimistic About the Future"

Photo by Ian Witlen

The Ultra ban has failed.

After delaying the issue at its April 10 meeting, the Miami City Commission finally discussed, considered, and voted on the future of the EDM fest.

The result was 4-1 in favor of Ultra returning to Miami and Bayfront Park for 2015.

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The Vagabond Miami Closes

Categories: News, Nightlife

Photo by Alex Broadwell

The Vagabond is gone.

After six years, the NE 14th Street nightspot will be shuttered. And the closing isn't next year, next month, or next week.

The club is closing today, according to co-owner Carmel Ophir.

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Goblin on Scoring Horror Movies: "You Have to Be Scared to Scare Other People"

Goblin members Massimo Morante (right) and Maurizio Guarini.

Goblin are out for blood. They're gonna gut you, and string your entrails from the rafters.

Guts will explode, heads will crack, leg bones will snap under the weight of their monstrous sound.

They started in Italy in 1975, scored some of the scariest horror movies of all time, and have never been to Miami ... Till now.

Here's what keyboardist Maurizio Guarini had to say about death, film, and zombies.

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Anthony Bourdain Slams EDM: "Come Ye Lords and Princelings of Douchedom"

Courtesy of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

We are all quite aware that food celebrity, television host, prolific author, and hilarious asshole Anthony Bourdain is basically a rock 'n' roll guy.

On the tube, he can often be seen palling around with Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme, another funny, prickly professional shit-talker. And the theme song for his latest TV show, CNN's Parts Unknown, is a woozy rocker from Homme and ex-Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan.

But did you know that Bourdain is also a big fan of magic?

Also, he hates "electronic dance music."

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Mogwai Talks Soundtrack Work, Weird Song Titles, and the Rare Lyric


The Scottish post-rock outfit Mogwai's been releasing albums for the past 20 years.

The band is now on its eighth full-length, Rave Tapes, if you do not count its two noteworthy soundtracks. In 2013, the group released the score for acclaimed French television mini-series Les Revenants, about zombies who want to come back home and live with their families. And seven years prior, Mogwai issued its sublime soundtrack for Zidane, A 21st Century Portrait, a "documentary" featuring French soccer player Zinédine Zidane, shot in real time, with 15 cameras fixed solely on him during his fateful final game before retirement.

Mogwai's lively approach to its music and its vivid, atmospheric quality works great for soundtracks. It also, as guitarist John Cummings reveals, inspires surreal yet evocative song titles, like "I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead." We recently spoke about writing music for film, weird song titles, the rare lyric, and more ahead of his band's first visit to Miami.

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Head and the Heart on the Future of Americana and Why EDM Isn't "the Be-All, End-All"

Photo by Curtis Wave Millard

There will always be a place for the brand of vulnerable indie folk that Seattle's Head and the Heart have been perfecting since 2009.

At the moment, the band is still riding high on critically lauded sophomore album, Let's Be Still, playing through dust storms at Coachella, and slowly putting the pieces in place for its next release. But in addition to that sort of success, these perpetually road-bound folkies also represent a new generation of roots artists who refuse to let the human element be completely stomped out of popular music.

So naturally, when we spoke with drummer Tyler Williams, the conversation turned toward the future of Americana and rock 'n' roll, and what he thinks the world needs instead of more EDM.

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Best of the Best 2014 Lineup: Beres Hammond, Beenie Man, Tarrus Riley, 17 Others

Vibe out with Beres Hammond at Best of the Best.

"Don't leave your flags at home!"

That's an important tip from the Best of the Best folks.

'Cause this year's Memorial Day Weekend concert in Miami is a "100% Caribbean show," just like the last few editions, swapping the Ricky Rozays and DJ Khaleds for steady shots of straight reggae, dancehall, soca, and other island sounds.

So all our Jamaicans, Trinidadians, Haitians ... Break out the banners, the patriotic bikinis, the national-pride tees. And check the cut for the Best of the Best 2014 lineup.

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Juanes on the Power of Music: "It Opens Hearts, a Language Everyone Understands"

See Juanes Loco De Amor at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

As a two-time Grammy-winning artist and ganador of 20 Latin Grammy Awards, Colombian rockero Juanes knows a thing or two about the music biz.

That's why he was the talk of the Billboard Latin Music Conference's Digital Superstar Q&A session this week, and why he's headlining tomorrow's Billboard Latin Music Awards.

"What gives me the most joy is the opportunity to sing live," el cantante humbly says. "And, as you know, in Latin TV, there's not a lot of room for live broadcasts. For me, this opportunity, playing live at the Billboard awards is very special. It's like my dream."

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David Bisbal on His New Sound: "I've Always Been an Artist Who Likes to Be Current"


Miami has gotten that much spicier as Latin acts from around the globe convene to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards.

Perhaps the only man in the world who can pull off a head of bouncy curls, David Bisbal, will be in town to promote his newest album, Tu y Yo. He'll be co-headlining the 25th anniversary concert with Luis Fonsi at LIV tonight, and he will also perform during Thursday night's awards ceremony.

We here at Crossfade chatted with Bisbal about his new pop sound, working with Fonsi once again, and the importance of award shows.

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Coachella 2014's Best Moments, Weekend Two

Photo by Timothy Norris

Billie Joe Armstrong Joins The Replacements
Early in The Replacement's Friday night set, Paul Westerberg welcomed Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong as their honorary member. Armstrong, matching the rest of the band in plaid suits, seemed beyond giddy to be onstage with his idols, joking "Dreams really do come true." Westerberg was splayed out on a couch for most of the set, letting Armstrong sing lead on several songs. No Green Day tunes were played, but who needs "Longview" when you've got "Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out." -Kai Flanders

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