Jack White's Lazaretto Tour - Fillmore Miami Beach

Photo by Sayre Berman
Check out Crossfade's full 43-photo slideshow of Jack White at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

Jack White's Lazaretto Tour
With Olivia Jean
Fillmore Miami Beach
Sunday, September 21, 2014

Better Than: An evening without feedback and hearing damage.

Is rock 'n' roll dead? Fuck no.

Just over a decade ago, the White Stripes' Jack and Meg came screaming, shredding, and pounding out of Detroit to help prove that guitar-and-drum tuneage could still rattle bones and make a body feel alive -- even amid a Top 40 glut of mediocre post-gangsta rap, pop tart crap, and boy band bullshit.

Last night at the Fillmore Miami Beach, Jack (now solo, minus Meg, and based in Nashville) did it again, for maybe the 1,000,000th time, unleashing 100 minutes of ear-scorching, skull-busting evidence that rock's nowhere near the grave -- even in this age of cheap, chart-topping EDM and formulaic meta-pop.

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Banks - Grand Central, Miami

Photo by: Alex Markow
Banks Goddess Tour
With Movement
Grand Central, Miami
Sunday, September 21, 2014
Better Than:
Hiring an elf to tell your ex to go fuck themself.

We're not sure if you're aware of this or not, but bitches love Banks.

Like, we knew she was an extremely talented and passionate song-writer. We knew she was soft-spoken in person and powerful on stage. We knew she made her Miami debut opening for the Weeknd last year, and we knew she released her debut album Goddess to great critical reception, but we had no idea just how many girls are completely and totally dedicated.

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Five Best Concerts in Miami This Week

Via facebook.com/charlixcxmusic

Music is an escape for many things ... Mondays aren't one of them.

Even though you can't make the most dreaded day of the work week vanish, at least you can look forward to the pretty good shows that'll follow.

Here are the five best concerts to check out this week, from Cam'ron at Grand Central for Sneaker Pimps Miami to Charli XCX at Revolution to Belle & Sebastian at the Fillmore.

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Modern Love: A Live Audio-Visual Experience - Light Box at Goldman Warehouse, Miami

Photo by Karli Evans
Check out Crossfade's full 53-photo slideshow of Modern Love in Miami.

Modern Love: A Live Audio-Visual Experience
With Andy Stott, Demdike Stare, and Millie & Andrea
Presented by SAFE, Klangbox.FM, Wynwood Arts District Association, Miami Light Project, and Beck's Access
Light Box at Goldman Warehouse
Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's easy to scoff at dance music for being nothing more than a few bleeps and bloops. A genre where the acts amount only to button-pushers.

Modern Love, the 12-year-old Manchester record label, isn't that.

After a first listen to any of the label's releases, you might ask yourself, "Where is this going? Where is the drop?" And we'll have to call on every fiber of our being not to hit you.

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Little Beaver on "Party Down": "Drugs, Beautiful Women, and Life Was Carefree"

Categories: Local Music, Q&A

Photo by Jacob Katel
Willie "Little Beaver" Hale and Henry Stone, 2013.

Jay Z once cut Little Beaver a $60,000 check to sample "Party Life" for the movie American Gangster.

The artist also known as Willie Hale is a Miami guitarist so legendary that Jaco Pastorius, called the greatest electric bass player of all time, used to hang out at the TK Records studio in Hialeah, just to watch him play.

Beaver's got a new album out on Henry Stone Music this month, called Henry Stone's Best Of Little Beaver, so we caught up with the man himself to find out what inspired one of his most classic tunes, the 1974 hit, "Party Down."

Here's what he had to say about gettin' high, shakin' hips, and the rhythm of Brazil.

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Lil Dred From Liberty City: "We're Real Entrepreneurs, Rap Is a Gateway"

Categories: Local Music, Q&A

Via instagram.com/TheRealLilDred

Lil Dred could be the Slick Rick of Liberty City.

His storytelling rhymes are movie-like. His raps are fire. And he's about to hit the avenue with 10,000 copies of his new Hosted by the Streets EP

He learned the hustle from his dad, Nate "The Great" Brooks, a three-time national champion football player with the University of Miami and an independent rapper who sold 50K out the trunk.

Here's what Lil Dred had to say about why he can't wife no shone, the family business, and the popular demand for his music.

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Mac's Club Deuce's Mac Klein Turns 100: "I've Got a Wife and Business That Keep Me Young"

Photo by Laurie Charles
Happy 100th, Mac!

"Some people turn 100, some don't," says Mac Klein, the man who's been running Mac's Club Deuce for the past 50 years. "What's the big deal?"

Today, Klein will get to blow 100 candles in celebration of his birthday, but to the bar owner, it's just another day.

"I'm lucky," he humbly admits. "I've got a wife who keeps me young and a business that keeps me young. There really isn't much else to say."

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Phish Announces Four NYE Shows in Miami

Photo by Ben Thacker

One does not simply like Phish.

Phish Heads are some of the most dedicated fans in the world. There's just something about this jam band that works white people into a frothy, goofy-dance mess. Even those who aren't that familiar with Trey Anastasio and crew have tales of losing themselves in the music, maaan.

So if you're a huge Phish fan and you live in Miami, do the "Meatstick" dance. Because just like in 2009, the Vermont-based cult band is coming to the American Airlines Arena to perform on New Year's Eve -- and then again for the next three days in a row.

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Nick Monaco Talks Mating Call: "Expect Peach Nectar Oozing From the Speakers"


The last time we here at Crossfade spoke with Nick Monaco, the San Francisco DJ-producer was still a relative newcomer to the international dance music scene. He had just released his first panty-dropper of an EP on Soul Clap Records, and the buzz was definitely beginning to grow around his self-described sexual southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.

Fast-forward a year, and Monaco still calls the Soul Clap label home. But this time he's serving up his debut artist album, Mating Call, which spans 10 tracks boasting his signature piquant blend of disco, electro-boogie, and dub. Live instrumentation, experimental arrangements, and his own vocals make the album a definite standout among recent dance record releases.

Here's what he had to say about the new slab, ear porn, and overripe fruit.

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Belle & Sebastian on the Next Album and "Accepting That We're a Twee Pop Band"

Photo by Reuben Cox

The dashing Scots of Belle and Sebastian are nothing if not prolific.

Even these days, when they seem to prefer releasing proper albums only every four years or so, the charming and hard-working Glaswegians insist on staying forever busy with collections of B-sides, world tours, and the occasional feature-length film conceived by frontman Stuart Murdoch.

So it was by some minor miracle that we here at Crossfade recently managed to secure a conversation with Chris Geddes, keyboardist and founding member of this perpetual-motion machine of a band that's come to signify a whole genre. (Just don't call it twee.)

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