Hidden Musicians

Got this letter in our e-mail today.

"Today I stopped by a health food store (Wild Oats) on S. Dixie Highway for my weekly shopping, and was met by the most astounding music from local musician, Peter Betan, playing pieces from his CD, PassionFix (which I bought). Now, I'm not originally from Miami, but I do know this much, Miami is certainly not what anyone would call a mecca of great music. Yet here I was at a health food store hearing music that stirred my very soul. I guess I now know where to find the real Miami talent: health food stores."

I'm sure Peter Betan is a talented guy, or else this person wouldn't have bothered to write (response bias, in statistics speak).

But... You now heard it here first. Locals, forget all the music at Studio A, Churchill's, Transit Lounge, Tobacco Road, La Covacha, Hoy Como Ayer, Jazid, the Office, etc. etc. This out-of-towner is schooling us: To hear good music in Miami you must, apparently, head to the produce aisles of overpriced suburban chain grocery stores. -- Arielle Castillo

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Obviously, Arielle Castillo thinks that the only place to hear good and different music is to go the trendy places that have the music with that mediocre sameness where the clientele are all under 25... How musically inept can you get girl?

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