Throwback Tuesdays: 2 Live Crew - "Me So Horny"

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So Independence Day is right around the corner. Of all the music gigs taking place in South Florida over the three day weekend, arguably, the one that's creating the most buzz is 2 Live Crew's upcoming performance at the Vagabond this Thursday night.

It's been awhile since a lot of people have seen them perform. The last time I saw them on a bill, they were out at SXSW in Austin, Texas tearing shit up with Spank Rock. But there's so much history to the group that, if you're a true old school Miami bass/hip-hop fan, a part of you almost has to be at this show on principle alone.

While the group had a lot of hits, the video below is probably their most recognizable tune. It caused lot's of controversy (for good reason) but was always one of my favorite music videos because of how brazen it is.

So enjoy a little bit of 2 Live Crew. And definitely check out the Miami New Times this week for a detailed story on 2 Live Crew with lot's of goodies that most people wouldn't know about.

- Jonathan Cunningham

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