Art Basel Week: Sex Vid, Caustic Christ, and Annihilation Time, Dec. 6

The elusive Seattle/Olympia hardcore-ish band is cult-famous for its refusal to make a web site or even properly record and distribute its music. The Pittsburgh foursome Caustic Christ has toured with similarly deliciously named bands like Municipal Waste -- 'nuff said. Meanwhile, the songs on Annihilation Time III: Tales of the Ancient Age, by the Oakland quintet Annihilation Time, are boozy, sludgy, raunchy, gnarly -- probably all adjectives the bandmates would all happily claim for their hometown itself. Skirting the edges of metal, punk, and sloppy, Seventies rock, Annihilation Time's music instead falls down somewhere in the middle and passes out im a pile of its own puke.

Free and open to the public; 9 p.m.; the Marcy Building, 3852 N. Miami Ave., Miami;

-- Arielle Castillo

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