Madonna Officially Divorced--Miami Players Step Up

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As of this morning, mega pop-star Madonna and her former husband, film director Guy Ritchie, have been granted a "quickie" divorce through a court in London. The details of the divorce aren't nearly as sweet and sticky as some gossip hounds would like: Ritchie isn't expected to take a dime of Madonna's money and just wants to walk away. Is being married to the Material Girl really that bad?

Anyway, Madonna is scheduled to perform in Miami two days from now to wrap up her Sweet and Sticky tour at Dolphin Stadium. Now that Madge is officially single, all of you cougar hunters out there need to step your game up. I'm actually curious if Dennis Rodman is going to be at the show trying to squeeze his way back into Madonna's good graces. Anyone's got a shot. So players, definitely dress to impress.

The show on Wednesday is sold out, so if you don't already have tickets, good luck with the scalpers outside. After the jump, check out an old school Madonna video for the song, "Take a Bow" that I haven't seen/heard in years. It sounds exactly like something Madge would say as she's quitting one man and moving on to another. Enjoy.

-Jonathan Cunningham

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