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This Saturday, December 6th, the always popular Buzz Bake Sale is taking place at the Cruzan Amphitheater in West Palm Beach. There's a ton of good bands on the show as usual and between the Celtic punk of Flogging Molly, the harder metal sounds of Atreyu, and the rebellious hip-hop of the Flobots, there's going to be something for everyone who attends.

If you listen to Buzz 103 and like hard rock with an edge, then this is definitely a concert you'll want to check out. The only problem is making sure you can get your hands on a pair of tickets. Of course, CrossFade has to tix to give away right now to the first person to correctly answer a bit of Buzz Bake Sale trivia.

This is the 13th year that the concert series has existed. The question is: Why is the concert called the Buzz Bake Sale? Anyone who was around for the first concert might have a better shot at getting this right, but I promise you, the answer isn't as hard as it seems.

The first person to email me back at the address below (or leave a comment) with the right answer will win two tickets for the show this Saturday. After the jump, check out a video for the group Hawthorne Heights, who fall into the emo category for good reason after their bandmember, Casey Calvert died last year from an accidental overdose. The video is for the song "Rescue Me" and, given the circumstances, it's touching. If you win the tickets, you'll get to see the band perform this live for free.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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