The Joy of Madlib

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With only two days to go until West Coast super DJ/Producer Madlib the Badkid, arrives in Miami for a show at Blacksheep Bar on December 4th, I'm personally excited to see how Miami reacts to him.

There are times when he gets audiences like the one in the video above. It's a three minute clip from the last time he was in Miami at the Raleigh Hotel for WMC and the crowd looks about as live as a corpse. They loosen up after awhile, but it's of course, more evidence on why sometimes, WMC parties are more about who can afford to be there rather than who actually loves the artists that are performing.  But then there are other times when Madlib can catch a crowd overseas and everyone just starts to wild-the-fuck-out! Above is one of my favorite Jaylib videos of all time. Around the two-minute mark, Madlib jumps on a skeleton drum kit and starts making up crazy improv beats. Then you've got the classic Quasimoto style music that Madlib is famous for as well. Check out the video for the song, "Rappcats" which, aside from having an insatiable beat, is also a good primer on 80s hip-hop history. Then there's the pure bloodclaat madness of Madlib's quirky film-style productions. During the earlier part of the decade, he was more famous for snatching funny lines out of old Melvin Van Peebles blaxploitation films from the 1970s. But on this clip below, 'Lib goes East and experiments with hip-hop and Bollywood. The video is a must, especially if you're looking for your daily WTF moment. And to get a real feel for what Madlib the person is like, check out this random BET Rap City video where 'Lib gets interviewed by Talib Kweli. Notice the DJ Khaled "I'm So Hood" music bumping in the background. And if you haven't already done so, be sure to click on this link and RSVP for Madlib's exclusive DJ set this Thursday night with guest MCs Parable and Rahsaan opening up for him. --Jonathan Cunningham

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