Charlie Pickett Gets His Due

Categories: Heads Up 20-some-odd years after the fact, Dania Beach pioneer, Charlie Pickett, is finally getting some of the props in mainstream media that he deserves. South Florida natives and music nerds that are in the know have been clocking this guy's career since the late 1970s when he was slaying club dates with the Eggs and the MC3.  He rose out of the scene that gave us the Eat, the Cichlids, the PsychoDaisies, the Kids, etc, etc. and he brought Johnny Salton's guitar playing to the world when he toured extensively in the 1980s. 

Finally Bloodshot Records put out a best-of album and finally he's made it into Rolling Stone, not quite the cover story but who gives a rat's ass.  If you have never heard "If This is Love, Can I Get My Money Back?," do yourself a favor and stop fucking around and get with the program.  And do yourself an even bigger favor and see the guy live, because the rocker-cum-lawyer still bring it on stage in a really real, passionate way that makes even jaded losers (re: this writer)  remember why they even started going to shows in the first place. 

(Photo by Jill Kahn)

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