Wednesday's Loose Alleycat Bike Race Ends at PS14

Categories: Heads Up Meinholz from the M.I.A. skateshop, Chocolate Sundays, and lately Thursdays at the News Café, has been spreading his skateboard wings. Now he's flying with the other trendy folks who are getting busy with high-danger, two-wheeled, (wo)man-powered fun. This Wednesday marks the latest local event in a series of Loose Cannons on the Run races that are feeding off of the national surge in bicycle riding.
Fortunately it isn't a prerequisite that one not shower and wear, tight cutoff black jean shorts to participate in this fun alleycat race from the Grove to PS 14. (Of course if you are hygienic, wear a helmet, or obey traffic laws, you might stand out from the crowd.) But never fear, the Miami bike scene is small enough that nobody involved is interested in chasing off willing participants. Anybody on a bike gets dollar beers when they finish the race. Other fantastic elements include ladies' arm wrestling, grilled goodies, and awesome music courtesy of IamYourVillain. The ace starts at the Revolution Bike Shop (3444 Main Hwy, Coconut Grove) at 7 p.m. and ends at PS14 (28 NE 14th Street, Miami , FL).  

P.S. You don't have to race to go to PS14 and enjoy the tunes, eat the food, or arm wrestle.

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