All You Can Drink at the 2am Warehouse Music And Art Festival in Kendall This Saturday

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I found an e-flyer for an all-you-can-drink warehouse party in Kendall featuring live music and art, so as a member of the media it's my responsibility to share that information with the world. Clubs are stupid, bars are expensive, parking lot drunks of the world unite! Straight-edge kids are welcome, too; there's nothing better than a warehouse party. We're living in a golden age of information, there's never been a better time in American history for independents on their grind, this bitch is wide open. Do it yourself....


I don't know any of these folks, I'm not affiliated with any of them in any way, no kickbacks, no favors, no pay for play, I fuck with all local music, from polka to zydeco, and I'll write about anybody, cause I'm a freelancer, and that's how I eat, if you do anything music related, holler at me

Click here to learn more about the 2am Movement

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