The Lee Boys Play City Limits Tonight with Sosos

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The Lee Boys are not a bluegrass band, although just reading the name may evoke that thought. No, the Lee Boys are South Florida's finest sacred steel ensemble. The brothers Lee (Alvin, Derrick, and Keith) along with their nephews Roosevelt Collier, Alvin Cody Jr., and Earl Walker play a style of music which originated in the House of God church.
Sacred steel combines gospel, blues, jazz, funk, and a bit of rock and roll in a high energy package that's sure to move anyone within earshot. Pay close attention to Roosevelt Collier's mastery of the pedal steel guitar and let the sacred sounds fill you and move your body. It's a religious experience in more ways than one.

The Lee Boys are playing with Sosos at City Limits tonight. The show costs $12 and begins at 8 p.m.

-- Brett Gillin

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