Valentine's EDM Lowdown

Valentine's doesn't come around on a Saturday very often, making this year's an ideal reason for EDM lovers to consummate their love on a dancefloor somewhere (as if we needed an excuse on Saturday nights anyways.)

Here's a lowdown of some choice shows happening around town that night, which should please both big club and underground dance connoisseurs:

Konrad Black at Glass
This highly-praised Berlin-based techno producer/DJ/impresario will be performing at Glass at the Forge on the first leg of his debut 2009 US tour. He boasts a distinguished minimal sound with lots of deliciously dark atmosphere to revel in. Not to be missed!

Danny Tenaglia at Gryphon
A man who needs no introduction... The legendary DJ will be hosting Gryphon nightclub's "Valentine's Day Extravaganza" and doubtlessly spinning up a storm on the dancefloor as he usually does.

Funkagenda at Space
Despite all the trappings of international stardom, this jet-setting DJ/producer manages to defy most commercial cliches with a fairly sophisticated and versatile big room sound. Check him out on Valentine's night for first ever appearance at the quintessential Miami venue.

Punisher Afterhours at Eden Terrace Garden
In a music scene dominated by dudes and run-of-the-mill DJ sets, Michelle Herrmann a.k.a. Punisher is a femme force to be reckoned with. This petite Detroit-based techno producer throws down a truly punishing live PA via drum machines and analog synths. Mind-blowing stuff -- and pretty damn sexy! This is also the grand opening of the new Eden Terrace Garden in North Miami, which promises to provide the same clubbing-under-the-stars experience as Space and Nocturnal, sans the Eurotrash. 


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