Afrobeta Win New Times' Groove On Battle Of The Bands

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The New Times Groove On Battle Of The Bands has been decided and the winner's been announced. Wait, no it hasn't, that's my job. Let me start over. Afrobeta, winners of this years New Times Groove On Battle Of The Bands are getting a free trip to New York City with hotel accomodations and a show at a Live Nation event. Congratulations to them.

The girl standing in the picture is the lucky winner of a fine Gibson guitar and a "Day At The Races" care of Gibson and Gulfstream Park.

I tried calling Afrobeta off a number someone gave me, but the girl didn't pick up so I left a strange rambling message. I haven't heard back yet. Maybe they've already gone all Hollywood rock star on the hand that feeds them, maybe she's working a dayjob, sleeping in, or still partying, maybe I leave unintelligible messages, it's hard to say. What's readily apparent is that Afrobeta will take their signature blend of this and that and do somethin with it to represent for the 305 somewhere out there, or somethin like that.

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