"The Terror Dome Revisited" - Public Enemy Speaks Tonight at the Wolfsonian, Moderated by Arielle Castillo

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Tonight at 6 p.m.as a WMC-connected teaser for the annual Red Bull Music Academy, Chuck D, Professor Griff, and DJ Lord will be speaking at the Wolfsonian (1001 Washington Avenue) and giving their insider's view on Public Enemy's musical journey. The moderator for the event is New Times' own music editor, Arielle Castillo.

The event is free with a WMC badge, but I plan on tryin to sneak in anyways, should be easy since they're not charging for the event. Still, the session is planned to be intimate and seating is first-come, first-served, so no guarantees, folks.

Here's an excerpt from a 2006 Chuck D blog post that appears on Public Enemy's website.
I've been writing these Terrordomes since 1998, before things like these we're being called 'blogs'. This look in from the outside was seized and cherished the minute I discovered the digital road to do so. I've done a lot of commentary on what I've seen across these past eight years of analog to digital. As expected I've seen some of the same characters who rebelled against this business practices into this space; via email, crackberry, SMS, into Myspace, now the masses and the labels get it. The past week while on PE's 55th tour in Europe, Air America Radio goes bankrupt for reorganization (my On The Real radio show), Tower Records (my label SLAMjamz largest supporter for national CD/DVD distribution) goes bankrupt and liquidates, and ELEMENTAL magazine (my monthly printed article and advertising periodical) sells to another publisher. No fret, as a life in the entertainment biz prepares one for things to open and close like a play. Gotta keep a lotta irons in the fire, thus this iss where a business is different from a j-o-b.

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