Prunk TV: A Weekend at the Vagabond

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As Tony M. said, "Miami is a big pussy waiting to be fucked."It was as if I had been staring at the fire for days. Adorable young men hitting on me, Colt 45s, women ripping off my clothes...I had such a hoot this past weekend. I have finally found a club in Miami that will let me dance on their stripper pole. We'll get back to that in a minute.

Why do I act like such a clown when I get drunk? Who gives a shit? If you have not been to The Vagabond, you need to stop by and see what is really going on in 305. My reality show never stops. Prunk TV is just a glimpse into my world. I am on the grind. My eyeballs are cameras. This is Miami, and that is what they do. I firmly believe that every man has the right to dance up on a stripper pole at least once in his life. Thanks to Grace Jones for capturing it on camera. Thanks to Pat, the owner of Sandbar Kendall, who will be letting me dance on the stripper pole again soon. And for some reason I am sitting on a park bench. Did I just get off the bus?

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