Rosario Flores and Antonio Carmona: Parte de Nosotros Tour Comes to Miami

¡Joder tio!  ¡La ostia!  Do you ever find yourself longing to get in touch with your true roots and reconnect with the motherland?  I'm not talking about Cuba (or Puerto Rico, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, or any other Latin countries represented in our fair city). I'm talking about "the old country". I'm talking about La Madre Patria. I'm talking about España! 

Well, you can head to Tapas y Tintos any old time, but you'll have a much more unique (albeit far less tasty) opportunity on April 18, when Spanish superstars Rosario Flores and Antonio Carmona come to Miami as the last stop of their "Parte de Nosotros" tour.
Rosario is practically Spanish royalty, making up part of a legendary line of entertainers.  The singer, who is known for her modern take on flamenco and gypsy styles, is the daughter of Spanish flamenco legend Lola Flores and sister to famed actress Lolita Flores and singer-songwriter Antonio Flores.  Since her debut in 1992 she's earned heavy praise for albums like De Mil Colores, Contigo Me Voy and Muchas Flores, which won her a Latin Grammy in 2002.

Carmona, meanwhile, is a renowned flamenco singer in his own right.  The work of his former group Ketama is celebrated by flamenco lovers the world over, and his solo release last year Vengo Venenoso was a powerful indictment of the composer's ability to interpret an age old style in modern day and make it relevant.

Rosario and Antonio Carmona perform Saturday, April 18 at the James L. Knight Center, 400 SE 2nd Ave., Miami. Show starts at 8 p.m., tickets cost $60 to $90.

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