Local Music Video: 1st 48, New Group featuring Benzino, Cognito, and Monsta

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Here's a new video produced by Buggah Da Govannah's On Point Entertainment, in conjunction with Miami residents and Hip Hop Weekly entrepreneurs Benzino and Dave Mays. The video was directed by the ICU, and the group is called 1st 48. After the jump, read what Buggah had to say about the production. "1st 48 is Benzino, Cognito, which was like Poe Boy's first artist, and Monsta, who's Trinas little brother. The video is directed by the ICU. We budget busters, we make movies for much less than you think that budget would be, anybody need videos come holler at us, we definitely don't wanna disclose what these guys paid for their project.

Man I'm from the streets and planes are very necessary in the things that happen. We shot at the exclusive airport, that's where them things....kna mean, exclusive, G3's or better...Planes, boats, submarines, we got those, at the end of the day the runners gotta get there by any means necessary.

The ICU is like a surgeon when it comes to film and camerawork, it makes it easy for them to give folks that look, we gonna make a piece of rock look like the biggest piece of rock you've ever seen.

We shot scenes at King Of Diamonds strip club. Everything we do we gotta do it big y'know, You talkin Benzino, like every rappers career, this the dude that gave you The Source, the bible of the hip hop movement 'knamean, big ups to Pops and Lenny at King Of Diamonds for seein the vision and helpin us execute, and big up the frontin ass hoes at King Of Diamonds... definitely on their paper chase. some of these hoes didnt see the vision, great facility though.

We shot all in the hood, Liberty City, over there by 62 st and NW 13th Ave. Big up to the City of Miami tryin to shut us down for no permits, the proof is in the pudding and the pudding looks great.

We keep it gutter, keep it hood, we jus make it do what it do, you tell us what you workin with, like the streets. Got 5 grand, we gonna work with you, 10 grand, we gona work with you, but no 5 dollas, nah mean, see the product, its that crack, the 80's is back ya know, put that in yall pipe and burn that."

contact buggah@onpointworld.com for more info and check out The ICU at http://www.youtube.com/user/theiculab

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