Raffa and Rainer Play Shiso on Sunday, May 17


What better way to spend a sweet sweet Sunday afternoon Mother's Day than with a concert by the super super sweet Raffa and Rainer over at the tiny little joint, Shiso, around the corner from ye old dirty Purdy Lounge and down the street from Publix International Airport. The food is excellent, the vibes are good, and the drinks have catchy little names. The acts play in the front next to the door, so you can't sneak out past wackness. Thank god the little folk duo plays awesome music in a super heartfelt manner that charms even this jaded writer, who, by the way, so often loves to drink of the Haterade. Get past your musical hangups and spend a corporate hallmark holiday with them this Sunday, May 17.  Apparently there was some kind of Miami Beach-wide ban on good vibes and better music and Shiso didn't have teh correct permit in place to engage in those wonderful things.  Now they have it str8, str8, str8 - so if you thought you missed it last week, you didn't.

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