The Van Dyke Cafe Invites You Upstairs

Go ahead and take it up on that. We both know you're easy. And besides, it's not like you're strangers.

Whether you've stopped in for brunch, dinner and drinks, or just to catch a bit of live jazz, you've undoubtedly patronized the Van Dyke at some point during your travels or meanderings down Lincoln Road. It's hard to miss, the large street-side café dotted with trees and wrapping around the façade beneath big red awnings a la gay Paris, only nestled in the heart of South Beach. Inside, Mark Soyka's News Café spin-off spreads its arms to embrace you with an open dining room full of hardwood, further accentuating the brasserie feel. And of course, there's a staircase leading to the upstairs, where live jazz has long been a frequent offering.
But though the establishment retains its classic look, the upstairs has gotten a makeover, including new stage and bar, and their approach to music has followed suit. The fifteen-year-old establishment wants people to know it's moving with the times. Upstairs at the Van Dyke marks the ushering in of a seven nights a week schedule of live music in the lounge that'll still include jazz, but also offers Latin, funk, singer-songwriters, blues, reggae and fusion. Not only have they revamped their lineups, but they're making with the digital good times too, webcasting every single show via their website, and keeping the shows on archive. That means that those too lazy to put on pants can watch from the comfort of their living room in their boxers-come-Swiss-cheese!

But, that would of course keep you away from the bar, a big no-no by my estimation (I generally go in for the juleps, Derby time or not). And there's nothing like the live element. Take next week's Artist of the Month, Felipe Lamoglia. The Grammy-winning saxophonist is on the calendar for next Thursday, and his skilled and soulful chops, learned in his native Cuba and honed in his second home, Sao Paolo, Brazil, are really best enjoyed in the flesh with a nice cold libation close at hand. Stop on in and see what they've done with the place.

Felipe Lamoglia performs at the Van Dyke Café (846 Lincoln Rd) on Thursday, May 14. There's no cover.

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