Head Spins Extra!: DJ D-Up Live at Mokai! Mix

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via myspace.com/diallosharif
When New Times first caught up with DJ D-Up, the DC native was bringing his no holds barred "party music" to The Rose Bar at South Beach's infamous Delano each and every Saturday night. He also was swooping into the continually cool Mokai once a month or so.

Fast forward half a year and the cat's not only still holding sway at both joints, he's taken up with the Scratch DJ Academy. That's put him spinning everywhere from private corporate affairs to Crunch, where he gives after-work gym rats an uplifting beat to get fit with. Come fall, Scratch is also sending D-Up out on the high seas, for a five week throwdown with Royal Caribbean.

As choice as that sounds though, we're more interested in what D-Up's been doing for us lately. And if the rad mix delivered in his just-dropped Rare Form: Live at Mokai! is any indication, he's doing much more than even we expected.
Fat Man Scoop finding Nirvana; Boston leading to Blur; Jay-Z in on the get; Young Boss thick in the middle; Pit Bull calling MGMT.... The wild ride of killer sides is enough to make us forget all our troubles and get absolutely happy. And isn't that what party music's all about?

But don't take our good word for it; download it yourself. But don't call us when you can't stop smiling.

Catch DJ D-Up every Saturday at the Delano, once a month at Mokai, and every Tuesday from 7 to 9 p.m. at Crunch on South Beach. Hear more of his spins at http://www.myspace.com/diallosharif

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