Jazid Turns 13 This Weekend!

Ah, to be 13 again! Do you remember what it was like? You're still mostly innocent, but just corrupted enough by the raging hormones that puberty bring so you're starting to have fun. If you were a boy, you just started sprouting peach fuzz around your nether regions not long ago. Stiffies at inappropriate moments prove challenging, but nothing you can't handle. If you were a girl, you no doubt started developing, leading to new attention from boys, which no doubt laid the groundwork for the promiscuity of your high school and college years.

Well, you can't go back, but you can join in the fun as Jazid celebrates its 13th birthday. And their party is bound to top the awkwardness of yours, though it'll no doubt lack the games of spin the bottle and bocaditos
It's going to be a two-day funk fusion jammy-jam beginning with Bachaco and Locos Por Juana on Friday night. And the party continues Saturday evening with Local 34, The Deco Band, Suenalo and Spam Allstars.

The weekend's going to put the structural integrity of the building to the test, but no worries, everything on SoBe is built to code, right?

Jazid will celebrate its 13th Anniversary on Friday, June 12 and Saturday, June 13. Cover for Friday's show is $10 and Saturday's is $30.

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