Venetian Snares to Play Respectables in October

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After I blogged the SoCal Punk Explosion show yesterday, I was perusing the Respectable Street site and they have some great shows coming up, in particular Venetian Snares.  During Basel last year Aaron Funk a.k.a Snares put on a helluva good set at Laundry Black Sheep Music Lounge 305 Bar that was unfortunately stuttered a few times by overzealous fire martials. Apparently the legal capacity of that venue is 12 people, give or take a few.

Snares's music is a fire-breathing swirl of off-kilter rhythms and sonic assaults, given to abrupt time changes and brutal tones similar to John Zorn's more aggressive stuff. Not that it doesn't possess of beauty, it's just that if you are really wedded to typical music tropes like melody and harmony, you might be a little put off.
Live action Snares has a kung-fu grip and is excessively interesing to watch and absorb.  Also appearing is Miami's noise pop genius Dino Felipe and something I don't know called Wisp, which after listening to a little bit on myspace is some pretty cool IDM-type stuff.  The Wisp music is a LOT more accessible than either Snares or Felipe's tracks.

Venetian Snares appears live at Respectable Street Cafe on Saturday, October 24 with Dino Felipe and Wisp.  Show starts at 8 p.m. and tix are available online at the Respectable Web site 

Check out this old 90's classic Snares remix of Doormouse's Skelechairs

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