Tonight: Brooke Hogan Celebrates Her "Redemption" at Mansion

Brooke Hogan's long-awaited sophomore album is upon us. Now, we celebrate.

Even though The Redemption came out
ten days ago, Hogan will be hosting her album release party tonight at Mansion. The natural beauty will be performing future hits off the album, and will be joined by Daddy Hogan for a night of sophistication and quality entertainment.

Who am I kidding? If her Calle Ocho performance is any indication of her usual stage antics, club-goers are in for a treat. Once and for all, the audience will know all of the in's and out's of her physique, finally answering the age-old debate -- is she really a woman?

So all you men out there, even if it's all hanging out, look but don't touch (we have all seen the wrath of Terry Bollea), and ladies, don't even bother trying to make the Hulk your sugar daddy tonight -- his divorce was settled three days ago, and Linda did a number on his wallet.

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show -- you don't get to witness a trainwreck everyday. 

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