Archive Diver: Debbie Gibson at West Palm Beach Auditorium, July 1988

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image via Miami New Times archives issue week July 13 - 19, 1988
According to Wikipedia, Debbie Gibson holds the record for "youngest female artist ever to write, produce, and perform on a Billboard # 1 single." That's for her song "Foolish Beat," which is a pretty shitty song.

Thanks to a shared producer, Debbie Gibson also sang back ups for legendary hardcore punk band The Circle Jerks on another shitty song, "I Wanna Destroy You," off their 1995 reunion album Oddities, Abnormalities, and Curiosities.

Here goes the calendar listing from the Miami New Times archives for July 1988 for a Debbie Gibson concert at West Palm Beach Auditorium. Tickets cost $17.50. What a ripoff. Here goes the full listing....

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