MP3 of the Day: "Is It Me" By Jim Camacho

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As new numbers for jobs lost come out this month, everyone is filled with anxiety, anxiety about pursuing dream jobs vs. realizing responsibilities and weathering the economic storm. But at the same time everyone maintains hope, that ever-overused word that got pounded into our subconscious with Obama's election. Musicians, however, deal with this dilemma no matter the state of the economy.

South Florida's Jim Camacho came close to major label success with his band The Goods, first with Columbia, then with Joan Jett's record company, Blackheart. Things didn't pan out, and he's now crafting his own brand of alternative rock. But it's hard not to apply the baggage of his history to the opening track of Jim Camacho's new release Beachfront Defeat.

"Is It Me" communicates Camacho's anxiety about being successful, but not necessarily as a rock star. (It's just hard not to apply Camacho's history when hearing the single.) "Is It Me" is standard-issue though carefully-crafted alternative rock containing lyrics about "losing control" and "holding too tightly." While the label adult-alternative might send you running considering all the crap that finds its way on the airwaves, Camacho is all pop sensibility with a serious knack for melody. His music will grow on you. He plays at Luna Star Cafe tomorrow and Alligator Alley Saturday. Both shows are $5.

MP3: Jim Camacho - "Is It Me"

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