New Awesome New Republic EP Available for Download Now

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Rational Geographic, Vol. 1
Miami's very own Awesome New Republic continues on their steamroller release schedule with a follow up to this year's Rational Geographic, Vol 1., the aptly named Vol. 2. This band is constantly on the move, despite a recent injury to B-Rob's foot,  with the help of the hustling fellows at Honor Roll, who seem to be doing everything and anything they can to move this product.

First I thought it was a noise album, but then I realized I had open in a separate tab. It starts out with a nice slow jam and goes from there. The album isn't all manic dance stuff, which shows you what the hell I know. There are a few straight-up rock songs that remind me of Fleetwood Mac in a really good way. Find out for yourself. 

The dancy, fun, and earnest group's music is available free via their website.

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