New Jacki-O Mixtape: Bad Bitches Bang Pink

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Once upon a time, Jacki-O and Trina were the big contenders for the title of queen of the south. (Khia, perhaps, was a contender, but ... last the public at large really heard from her, she was getting kicked off VH1's Miss Rap Supreme).

Then poor Jacki-O had a number of personal-life mishaps, including a shoplifting charge in West Palm Beach, bankruptcy, and the end of her deal with her then-label, TVT. (TVT, though, went belly-up last year, so Jackie-O's probably getting the last laugh about that one.)

Trina, meanwhile, definitively secured her place as the baddest bitch, with regular major-label releases and consistent award nominations.
Still, though, Jacki-O's been on her grind, running her own label, Jackmove Entertainment, and even writing a book, Grown & Gangsta, last year.

It's been just a few months since the official relase of her last studio album, Little Red Riding Hood. But official release dates matter little on the streets, where the mixtape -- now, of course, in the form of a Zshare link or something -- still reigns supreme. And thus Jacki-O's got a new one, called Bad Bitches Bang Pink. 

With a slew of similar recent releases, maybe she's building up to something? She was, at one point, associated with the Poe Boy camp, and we all know those guys are having a banner year.... So maybe some of the shine will rub off.

In the meantime, click the link and judge for yourself. The commenters over at Yo! Raps insist on still comparing her to Trina, but I think that's kind of a moot point in 2009. Personally, I think Jacki-O's full sleeve makes her at least look a tiny bit more badass.

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