Revolting Cocks Playing Revolution October 22

Industrial rockers RevCo a.k.a. the Revolting Cocks are coming to Revolution Live on October 22, and they most certainly are not gay. They take special care on their new album Sex-O Olympic-O to point that out about 40 times during their six minute "I'm Not Gay" track. It's obviously an attempt at humor, but it falls a bit flat. Still, RevCo hasn't changed a bit since they started trying to encite controversy with lyrics and risque stage shows back in 1985. They'll share the stage with Jim Rose (of Jim Rose Circus fame), Blownload, and Left Spine Down and if you're not offended by anything that happens on stage, you're probably too desensitized to be let out of the house. Tickets go on sale on July 25 and run $16 through Ticketmaster.

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