BlackBook Features Poplife Crew

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Photo via BlackBook
Aramis Lorie, Barbara Basti and Jake Jefferson.
We definitely take pride any time locals get national attention. So after BlackBook sat down with Aramis Lorie, Barbara Basti and Jake Jefferson -- better known as the people behind the Poplife brand -- we definitely feel like we're standing a bit taller.

The Q&A, written by freelancer John Hood (who also writes for us on occasion), doesn't exactly reveal anything the New Times hasn't written before about the crew, but its still a nice read and puts things into perspective on how influential the brand itself has become in Miami.

Don't believe us? Here is just a bit of what is highlighted by the piece:
Together, the current threesome have devised some of the most incredible evenings in Miami, from bringing in record labels Fool's Gold and Ghostly International during the town's much-heralded Winter Music Conference to one-offs with everyone from Calvin Harris to Black Moth Super Rainbow.

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