Culture Room Announces Trivium, Ensiferum, and a Halloween Show with KMFDM

If you were looking forward to seeing The Heavy Pets at Culture Room on Halloween, we're sorry about your luck. The Culture Room announced that Halloween will be much less jammy and much more scary when German industrial heroes KMFDM come to town. Tickets go on sale Friday, September 11 through Ticketmaster.
The Finnish melodic-folk-death-metal outfit Ensiferum are also coming to Culture Room on November 10. If you don't know what melodic-folk-death-metal sounds like, hit the jump to hear something new. Hypocrisy, Ex Deo, and Blackguard round out the evening of metallic goodness. Tickets go on sale this Friday through Tickemaster.

Depending on who you listen to, Trivium, Chimaira, and White Chapel are embarking on the "Hot Topic Presents Tour" or the "Into The Mouth of Hell we Tour." Or maybe they're the same thing. Tickets for the December 11 speed metal extravaganza go on sale Friday September 11 through Ticketmaster.

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