Art Basel Music: Cucu Diamantes at Nikki Beach This Weekend

Cucu 1.jpg
With the countless musical offerings served up alongside delectable little slices of art around the city for Basel this weekend, it's hard picking exactly where to dive in and gorge. Luckily for you, chanteuse Cucu Diamantes, of Yerba Buena fame, is giving fans and art show goers three different opportunities to catch her live when she comes to the Magic City this weekend to participate.

The Cuban-born songstress, who was vocalist and co-founder of Yerba, struck out on her earlier this year, and the response to her solo debut Cuculand was nothing short of staggering. Critics across the country (present company included) sang Diamantes' praises for her smart, sharp and sassy vocals, and swinging blend of Cuba's cabaret glam with modern influences from her current hometown of NYC, ranging from urban to alternative sounds.

Cucu Diamantes performs at Nikki Beach (1 Ocean Drive) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. Tickets are...pricey. Like 100 dollaz to make you holla kinda pricey.

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