Destroyio Records Presents O.P.S., Johnny Sex Fuck, Nobody's Hero, Unit Six, and Belt Buckle Death Sentence

Fabio from Destroyio Records
Politician scum
December 17 at Churchill's Pub in Little Haiti (5501 NE Second Avenue) punks not dead and hardcore lives when O.P.S., Beltbuckle Death Sentence, Nobody's Hero, Johnny Sex Fuck and the Flesh Rockets, Unit Six, and DJ Skidmark take the stage for only $5.

Are you easily offended? "The picture is just a fuckin', it's like a politician lookin' dude holding a bible in one hand and a dildo in the other and there's like a young boy crying in the corner. Hahahahaha." That's what Fabio, who drew the flyer, says. It's art with a message.

"Originally other people would help me draw the flyers, but I just started doing them out of necessity. Other people would take too long."

Fabio is the president of Destroyio Records, who is putting on the show. Here's what he had to say about it when we called him out of nowhere for an interview.

"Fuckin' uh, shit, caught me off guard homie. I mean dude, I mean uh...."

"We been doing punk shows since forever and we got a good fuckin scene that we been workin on for a long time and the shows are fuckin awesome, every single one, and that's basically all I could say."

"Wait 'til you see the flyer for the Christmas show. It's Santa like laying down and giving birth to Jesus out of his ass and Jesus came out with his hands like that like Skynyrd! Yeah that shits pretty crazy.

"We got a 'zine comin' out too that we're releasing on Christmas called Concrete Jungle that's got a lot of cool shit like band reviews and a punk rock crossword puzzle and it's free too, so it's gonna be pretty cool."

"Destroyio Records does shows, flyers , merch for some bands. We got incorporated too now. We got like a Destroyio Records bank account.

"We been doin' this since 2001. We started with SoFla records, and as of 2006 we became Destroyio Records and we've had a few of our bands go on tour, we got some releases and shit."

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