Jodi Jo feat. Tragic, "Yo Pussy Is The Best"

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Here's a brand new upload from Jodi Jo who apparently is from Chicago, but likes to tag his yotube uploads with "Miami." Anyway, the strippers down here might like this song so here's the video and some of the lyrics that were funny from Jodi Jo's new song "Your Pussy Is The Best."

"Ladies I know yall hear this all the time, but, it's a lot different comin from yo boy Jodi Jo. Yo pussy is the best, yo pussy is the best, yo pussy is the best, shout out to my baby momma.

"I'm grippin on her booty while I'm takin' down her panty hose. Her pussy look sick and I know I got the antidote. I'm lickin on that pussy and it's sweet jus like some canteloupe. She love the way I lick it in the places that her man won't go. I spread that pussy open and I'm in it like an animal. I don't bite the pussy I just stab it like a matador.

She already had lunch, but my dick gon be her dinner tho. Yo boy Jodi Jo aka I get that pussy swoll. Yo pussy is the best, yo pussy is the best, yo pussy is the best

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