Nerd Alert: How To Record Streaming Audio Free with Mac

Ever like a song on a band's MySpace enough that you want to be able to hear it anytime, without going online?

How about digitally recording live radio broadcasts as they're streamed on a radio station's website? Wanna do that? Wanna record streaming audio for free on a mac?

All you need is a program called Soundflower, the Apple site offers it as a free download, and an audio recording program like Garage Band, Soundtrack, Pro Tools, Cubase, or others.

Soundflower allows you to record any audio flowing across your sound card. Any Audio.

Once you've downloaded and installed Soundflower all you have to do is...
set your computer's default "in" and "outs" to Soundflower. Just enter the "Audio Setup..." option from Soundflower's dropdown menu.

Next go into your recording program, run some audio, check for levels, set for peaks, and hit record. It's that easy.

Sure, depending on various elements you may have to mess around for a while to make it work, but just think of it like the digital version of hooking up a Playstation to a tv set.

See above video for possible applications, or use it to take those musically awesome but non-podcasted community radio shows and put em on your Ipod, cd, hard drive, jump drive, Zune, or even reverse engineer them onto a tape deck. Enjoy!

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