In Defense of Lyrikill's Viral Marketing Strategies

Before he was crashing live news coverage to get himself on TV, Lyrikill Dot Com already had a sophisticated viral marketing strategy in place. See the above video of the Lyrikill song "You Done Messed Up" intercut with celebrity gossip photos and titled "Chris Brown Beat Rihanna [Picture Rihanna on Crutches]." It has over 300,000 views on YouTube. That alone probably netted him about 600 iTunes sales.

Most media dismiss Lyrikill as a stupid rapper from Broward, but the truth is that the media is just pissed that he's outsmarting them. Even the people talking shit about him don't seem to notice that by doing so they are furthering his agenda. Furthermore, his strategic guerrilla tactics exhibit a solid understanding of the priniciples of marketing and promotion and have hit web, TV, radio, and print. He has product for sale, a web site, a phone line, a movement behind him, a team with dance moves, and inter-county alliances with other web-enabled independent artists.

Next move ought to be for some big company like Cheetos or Slim Jim to hire him for a campaign, but he's probably already thought of that. Look out for Lyrikill, he's not as stupid as he wants you to think he is.

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