Roman Jones' Face Keeps Popping Up in Odd Places

Categories: Nightlife
Photo by Aleksandra Marcotte
Roman Jones watches you as you pee.
First it was silkscreening his face on panties, now Roman Jones is allowing people to wipe their asses with his face. Yes sir, the newly reopen Mokaï seems to be stocked with toilet paper printed with Jones' mug. We've got to admit we are finding all of this a bit humorous -- and somewhat gross.

Jones isn't exactly a shy guy. When he walks into a room, you know he's entered because eyes automatically turn toward him (being co-owner of the Opium Group helps).

We put in a request with Opium Group spokeswoman Vanessa Menkes to speak with Jones about his, er, odd choice of where to plaster his face. Menkes responded, "He's actually quite private and doesn't talk to media. An enigma wrapped in a mystery infact."

Okay. We suppose we'll just have to keep wondering why.

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