Pitchfork Should Add a BNSFM (Best New South Florida Music) Category for MillionYoung

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Kudos to South Florida chillwave act MillionYoung, AKA Mike Diaz, for snagging a very respectable 7.6 rating for the Be So True EP from the golden pens of Pitchfork. The review, penned by Zach Kelly, is all positive, so we are left wondering what caused the 2.4 deduction. Maybe the copy editors didn't like the missing space between "Million" and "Young."

The key graf:
With the careful attention Diaz pays to his assortment of drum sounds, it's also easy to make a dance connection-- even the day-glo artwork suggests the EP has as much to do with movement as feeling. "Cynthia" and "Soft Denial" possess enough momentum and blissed-out nuance to earn club play. But due to paced, introspective additions like the slow, Human League-indebted "Mien" or quick interlude "Pilfer", Be So True feels most rewarding in headphones, as repeat listens find the record inhabiting a more somber, personal space.
We can confirm that the EP does sound good in headphones. We can also confirm that Crossfade's Arielle Castillo probably did Mr. Diaz more justice with this piece more than a month ago. Her posting also includes a link to download MP3s of MillionYoung's SunnDreamm EP.

The key graf:
Still, for Diaz's sake, it's best to consider his music on its own terms, rather than as part of a blog hype wave that was basically D.O.A. by the end of last year. MillionYoung tracks are less vocally driven than AnCo, but peppier than so-called downtempo, existing in a watery haze in between. It's the sound of far-away summer jams on a stereo as you fall asleep oceanside.
Listen for yourself over at MillionYoung's MySpace, or for the true lazies, "Cynthia" is below.

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