More SunFest Additions: Iyaz and Sean Kingston Give the Lineup Some Pop

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Although we already discussed SunFest's New Music Night offerings, it would be poor form to let the day's other additions go unmentioned. For the youth contingent, 20-year-old Sean Kingston already has a wealth of Caribbean-flavored catchy melodies in his arsenal. "Fire Burning" is the one that raised Stephen Colbert's ire for its irresponsible prompting of the listener to "call 911," and a funny reference to birthday cake.

Now, Iyaz's name might not be in your head yet -- you probably heard "Replay" and assumed that it was another Kingston song, or possibly Akon. The "Replay" video above makes liberal use of that futuristic computer screen effect that Minority Report was so fond of.

Other national acts added to the bill:
Hall & Oates ironists Tigercity, Big D & the Kids Table, who should probably have been chosen to play on the same stage as the B-52's, Smash Mouth, REO Speedwagon, Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, Bedouin Soundclash, Cowboy Mouth, and Alberta Cross.

The entire SunFest schedule is posted here (it's a PDF).

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