The Second Best April Fool's Joke of the Day Involves Surfer Blood

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Gotta hand it to tastemaker and trendsetter Carles over at Hipster Runoff for declaring "Pitchfork gives MGMT's Congratulations a perfect 10.0" today, but there was something in the tone of Citylink's April Fool's Day gag, Jake Cline's "Surfer Blood bassist eats sandwich, inspires trend," that kept us reading. A few well-earned chortles follow after the jump.

In a nutshell, the story posits that Surfer Blood bassist Brian Black loves the combination of tuna fish, bologna and peanut butter on a sandwich. The obligatory fake Pitchfork quote:
"Without having taken a bite of the sandwich myself," Pitchfork's Evan Christopher blogged immediately following the interview, "I can tell you that it is the most-impassioned, über-delicious, post-gourmet, accessibly contoured sandwich I have ever had the pleasure of watching another man eat.
Given the saturated coverage (and Crossfade's coverage of the saturation) of the West Palm Beach group of late, this accurately shows the trajectory of minutia reporting that every young band eventually faces when even childhood crushes become old news.

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