Free Music: New Selebrities EP Pumps Up the Jam

In yet another awesome cover choice, check out ex-Fort Lauderdale synth-rock trio Selebrities' take on Technotronic's "Move This" right now. Like, now! Hit it over at the group's MySpace. For the '90s-challenged, just think about the song that reminds you to "shake that body" a lot.

Thanks to the Guest Lab for alerting us that Selebrities' Ladies Man Effect EP, featuring the Technotronic cover and four others, is now available for free download at its Tumblr. From what we understand, we have lost this catchy darkwave combo to the expanses of Brooklyn, where they will likely get a record deal with Vice or Dim Mak by later this week. Godspeed!

Download: Selebrities' Ladies Man Effect EP (Mediafire)

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