SunFest: Weezer Prefers Beach Balls to Mud Balls in Chat With New Times

Photo by Sean Murphy
SunFest hopefully won't get dirty for Weezer
Due to our "production schedule" and "editorial standards," Alex Rendon's amazing article about SunFest's New Music Night ran in last week's print edition. Somehow, dude scored interviews with musicians set to play tonight at SunFest: Weezer guitarist Brian Bell and We Are Scientists' frontman Keith Murray. Both had pretty interesting things to say about the festival experience.

Key quote from Bell:
"Festivals like Reading are kind of snobby," he says. "They are not all too receptive to American bands." The last time Weezer took the stage at Reading in 1996, the audience pelted the band with a monsoon of mud balls. Bell envisions SunFest as a happier affair: "Instead of mud balls, I picture a lot more beach balls will be thrown around."
Read the rest of the article to see what kind of impressive prose Rendon throws around, and get thee to the West Palm Beach waterfront this evening to see Weezer, We Are Scientists, These United States (Q&A here), and the rest of a talented group of bands.

SunFest New Music Night, with Weezer, We Are Scientists, Crash Kings, Constellations, These United States, Locksley, and Gringo Star. 5:15 p.m. Wednesday, April 28, at Bank of America Stage and Tire Kingdom Stage, Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach waterfront. Tickets cost $30 to $65. 561-659-5980; click here.

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