The Juice: Madonna Moving Near Bruce Springsteen in Wellington?

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Her Madgesty might (not) be moving to Wellington
Our bosom buddies over at the Juice have a nectar-filled tidbite regarding Madonna, and her latest real estate overture that would place her home address in the 33414 zip code, and might necessitate a gym membership at Ultima Fitness.

In an entry titled "The Singer Who Cried Wellington," Lisa Gartner uncovers that "Madonna is 'thisclose' to closing on a home in Mallet Hill, neighborhood to New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and a handful of Z-list celebrities (inventor of the Scrunchie, anyone?)." Plenty of photos of the swanky property are included.

Only 13 months ago, a similar tale of this material girl moving to a material neighborhood turned out to be merely an immaculate deception, so we're putting 13808 Fairlane Court on blast until we hear or see something more credible.

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