Garcia Talks Bangbros Exxotica Party

Porno sucks, but by now you've already heard that Bangbros, the Miami based porno company, is hosting their pre-Exxotica party at Shake at The Vagabond.

What you might not know is that local rapper Garcia is their head of booking. He says, "Last year we did this same party at The Vagabond. It's always crazy, it's always wild, it's exactly what you'd expect to set it off the right way. We're gonna have Jayden James out there celebrating. It's gonna be great. The reason we do stuff over there is that Jsin, and Ahol and those guys, they represent what the new Miami is all about; supporting art, music, and everything else. The Shake party is off the hook, and they promote the hell out of it. That's the crew that always supports Miami to the fullest.

"Vagabond is real up and coming, and it has its own real feel to it and you can't compare to any other place, so I always support them first. It's gonna be a real good time, and we'll have free DVDs and shit to give away."

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