Video and Photos: Tr3s' Camila Unplugged Special, Filmed in Miami Last Week

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A week ago today, Tr3s -- formerly known as MTV Tr3s -- celebrated its upcoming relaunch by reviving that great MTV franchise, the Unplugged series. While its parent channel long ago gave up on such strictly, uh, music-oriented programming, its foreign spin-offs, notably MTV Latin America, have taken up Unplugged eagerly.

As Crossfade noted here last week, the Latin America series has spawned a number of successful recordings, including Shakira Unplugged, Ricky Martin Unplugged, and Julieta Venegas Unplugged.

Tr3s, MTV's bilingual channel for next-gen U.S. Latinos, hopes to replicate that same success. To kick off its own Unplugged series, the network invited Mexican rockeros Camila to record a small acoustic show here in Miami, at the Paris Theater on South Beach. It was invitation-only, and won't premier until July 12 on (It will also air on the actual TV airwaves, on both Tr3s and MTV Latin America, in August.)

If you're bummed you missed out, though, here are a few sneak peeks. After the jump, check out a video of some extra footage, and a slew of photos from the event.

Here's the video footage, which comes courtesy of Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más


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