Song Spotlight: Ice Berg - "Stop, Look, Listen"

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Ice Berg (a.k.a. Billion) has been causing quite bit of a stir over the last couple years. He's definitely developed a loyal following and fanbase through his various mixtape releases and countless live performances. Most might know Iceberg from his association with Trick Daddy and the Dunk Ryders, but Ice Berg has truly been successful in forming his own brand all in itself.

In the spring of 2009, Ice Berg released his well-received Strictly For The Streets Part 1 mixtape that was hosted by DJ Obscene and DJ Kronik. The tape itself definitely set a precedent as far as what type of music to expect from Ice Berg going forward.

Actually, the rapper was supposed to release the sequel to that very mixtape series this past weekend, but according to his Twitter account, he delayed it to pay respect to a friend of his that recently passed. An updated release date should be announced soon.

In the meantime, he did unleash a track from Strictly For The Streets 2: Color On Color. The song is called "Stop, Look, Listen" and is produced by Fort Lauderdale-based CT Beatz. The soulful production serves as the backdrop for almost three minutes of Ice Berg unleashing a stream of heartfelt lyrics. No bridge, hook, or chorus -- just straight rhyming about everything from what he's trying to get in this game, to his love of (Miami-)Dade County, to what, exactly, is wrong with so many people around him.

Judging by this song, you can definitely see that Ice Berg is chasing the throne to be the next biggest thing out of Miami, a title that I bet he already feels he has. For further proof, wait for the Strictly For The Streets 2: Color On Color mixtape which should be out soon. But right now, listen to "Stop, Look, Listen" below.

Download: Ice Berg - "Stop, Look, LIsten"

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