Miami's Next Dance Craze? Check Out Brazil's Surra De Bunda, Possibly NSFW

Thanks, Gawker, again for tipping us off to an incredible Internet phenomenon, this time a dance craze from Brazil known as "surra de bunda," translated roughly as "ass punch," "punched by the ass," or, well, you get the picture. Like all good dance crazes, it was born out of a song of the same name, sung by a scantily clad, female trio called As Tequileiras do Funk.

Their club hit is a slice of funk carioca at its greatest essential, high-BPM raunchiness. Sung from the point of view of a tequila waitress, the song taunts the poor joes lusting after the song's narrator. If they're going to stare at her ass, well, why doesn't she just make them wish they never did -- and punch them with it!

Still, though, while the northeasterners over at Gawker were all busy being scandalized by the video, over here in Crossfade's little corner of Miami, we were a little nonplussed. This looks like an average night at Tootsie's -- although it sure looks like a hell of a way to get a black eye (or a pink one).

And we know Diplo has sort of abandoned the whole favela-chic thing lately, but maybe he'll slip "Surra de Bunda" into one of his sets? Check out more ass-punching videos after the jump.

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