Cut Copy Releases New Single "Where I'm Going;" Stream it Here

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Synth geniuses Cut Copy have mastered an electropop sound we just always want to dance to.

The Australian-born band has toured with Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party and the great Daft Punk, and they've recently rejected offers to tour supporting artists like Lady Gaga, Nine Inch Nails and Coldplay. Their new single "Where I'm Going," off of their third untitled album to be released in January, gives us a hint why.

The track is a big departure from their debut Bright Like Neon Love and their sophomore In Ghost Colours, sounding more like a surf-infused Beach Boys backup vocals track than their trademark synthy, French new wave pop. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

You'll hear slight hints of The Who tinged in with heavy tribal drums and vocals -- a far cry from their bass-driven dance anthem "Lights and Music" and synth-heavy "Far Away." They're starting to sound more like alternative pop rockers than club music, and this '60s-infused track is a good testament to that.

The band was inspired by Grace Jones' Slave to the Rhythm and a lot of Peter Gabriel. Guitarist Tim Hoey told Australia's The Music Network:

"This song's certainly not intended for the dancefloor at all - it's probably the complete opposite... It's definitely the first thing we wanted people to hear. It's more of a development in our sound. It's quite chanty and kinda feels like one big chorus. I've kinda always loved songs that do that."

We'll let you be the judge. Sample the track, or download it from their official site, and catch a clip of the making of their third album below.

Cut Copy - "Where I'm Going" by Some Kind of Awesome

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