DJ Khaled's Fourth of July Bash at Sobe Live Features "the Whole World?"

Categories: Talking Shit
We just received this invitation for a DJ Khaled Fourth of July event at Sobe Live and noticed this incredible boast: "Featuring Appearances by THE WHOLE WORLD!" Either the Whole World is a new R&B group, or this place is gonna be packed!

I mean, seriously, Khaled? The entire friggin planet is planning to make an appearance? Does this include MC Hammer, President Barack Obama, that baby from those E*Trade commercials, and my 9th grade AP English Teacher, Mrs. Billman?!?

I know that all you do is win, win, win, no matter what but really? You only got, like 95,000 followers on your Twitter feed ... and that's still a lot of people. Regardless, we hope this venue knows what's about to happen this Saturday night because it seems like they'll be breaking their occupancy license!

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