LeBron James to Attend Rick Ross' Teflon Don Release Party at King of Diamonds?


Despite being pushed back a couple weeks, it looks like Rick Ross' Teflon Don album will, in fact, come out July 20. (Then again, that's over a week away, and this is the hip-hop industry, so anything could happen, but fingers crossed). And where else would he celebrate but the be-all end-all warehouse of ample posteriors, King of Diamonds

The release party goes down the same night the album drops, and now it looks like the self-anointed King might be there partying with the Boss. At least, that's according to Rick Ross himself, who reportedly snapped up a pack of courtside season tickets the second LeBron James announced he was headed to the Miami Heat. 

Ross Tweeted this amid a flurry of celebratory dispatches:


This is probably unconfirmed, as LeBron will have more invitations to ass-filled parties than he can handle. But, you never know, and as likely every celebrity and sports industry within a 15-mile radius will probably be at KOD for this blowout, you might very well see the King posted up in the VIP.

We can't even imagine the behind-the-scenes viciousness going on as girls scramble to get a shift that night. Even the pole-cleaning guys have to be excited for their tip-outs that night.....

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Arielle C.
Arielle C.

lol.. that would be pageview gold. sadly.

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