Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane Video For "Steady Mobbin": Miami Real Estate Porn, Interesting Use for a Grammy

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Voila, the magic of editing! Just as Weezy was going away to prison, Gucci Mane was preparing to be set free. Yet somehow the rappers with overlapping sentences have managed to (finally) release a new video for their collabo track "Steady Mobbin." Yes, the song's already dominated the summer airwaves for a couple months now, but with its two stars unavailable to perform together in the free world at the same time, getting a video together took a little finesse. 

Lil Wayne's appearance in the video was shot in his pre-prison flurry of activity (the one that also included video work with local act Mayday). He turned himself a week in before Gucci Mane was released, according to MTV News; Gucci later filmed his part separately, and the video's director, DJ Scoob Doo, spliced the whole thing together. 

The first half of the video is all Lil Wayne, starring in some serious real estate porn as he wanders in the wee hours through his spare, but modern-luxe Miami mansion. (Actually, his minimal taste is a welcome change from many rapper's faux-Rococo/nouveau-riche choices in interior design.) 

Uh, and he's clearly a bit cavalier about some of his possessions. Watch for the moment in which he ashes a blunt in his Grammy -- we've conveniently frozen it for you above!

Gucci's parts are shot in a recording studio, and a bunch of jump cuts back and forth between the stars attempt to massage their separation in space and time. 

Scoob Doo also told MTV News the video is meant as a teaser for Wayne and Gucci's upcoming joint DVD, The Nino Brown Story Pt. 3. Watch it below.

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